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Today, the fact that internet use on mobile devices has exceeded that on the desktop is a clear fact.  This user behavior has caused website holders to concentrate on creating mobile-friendly websites. As web designers, they are more likely to leave your site if you neglect to give your mobile users a decent user experience, and with that, you will be turning away from a large percentage of your potential traffic. You can help develop a mobile-friendly website with any successful website designing company in Noida & Delhi NCR like WebTiger.

A few ways to make sure that your website runs as well on smartphones as it does on the desktop are described below.

Is My Websites Already Mobile Friendly?

In the last few years, whether your website has been designed or updated, the designer or website builder you’ve used might have had the mobile experience at its best. Check to see how your website currently performs before you put a lot of effort into thinking about how to transform your website into mobile-friendly.

Google offers a research platform that is mobile-friendly. Drop in the search box with your URL. Not only will you get a quick response on whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, but you will also get a screenshot of how the website looks on a phone’s screen and a list of tips to enhance the mobile experience.

If the tool indicates that your webpage needs a bunch of improvement then it should be considered as a top concern to make your website mobile-friendly. Doing so will improve the engagement of your website in the search engines, will ensure that more of your visitors hang around, and help you boost your website revenues

Modifying your website for smartphones does not need to be given the same degree of priority if Google’s tool gives you the thumbs up. But you can also benefit from working to make your users happier with the mobile experience. Because every little bit counts.

Make a responsive website using media queries

Making use of media inquiries is the key to creating a responsive website. You don’t need to worry about this if your website is already responsive unless you start creating your own custom sites. Media queries are a popular way for various devices to design a personalized style sheet.

This helps you to find out the screen size before prompting the browser to view content after the CSS you set up. You can contact a good website designing company in Noida, like WebTiger, when you’re not sure what media queries are.

7 Best ways to make a Websites Mobile Friendly

Design a Simple Menu

Mobile displays are far smaller than screens for desktops or laptops. Note this when the menu options are being designed. The menu for your desktop website interface can have several options and be detailed, but when used on a small screen, this can seem complex.

To check all the navigation options, users would find it frustrating to zoom in or out and scroll each time. So, on a single screen, it has to aligned and be succinct.

Avoid Using Flash

Flash is not a positive choice to use because it can decelerate a page’s loading time. In addition, there are many gadgets and browsers that don’t even function there. As flash is supported neither by iOS nor Android. Thus, if you build a website that relies on the functionality of Flash animation, your mobile visitors will feel left out.

So, it’s best if you don’t use your website with this technology. Instead, find an efficient interface for a website that can function without Flash. A successful web design company will help you out with some of the available alternatives in Chennai, Delhi, etc.

Use Simple Designs

The primary difference regarding your desktop site visitors and your smartphone visitors is their preference for simplistic designs of websites. On mobile devices, items that are complex and large will inevitably become sluggish. Instant content delivery is one of the main expectations of mobile users. You can guarantee this element with simplistic templates and keep their attention on the material that you want them to display.

Display CTAs Clearly

Conversions are the primary goal of any webpage. You need to put call-to-action buttons in a clear way in order to ensure successful mobile website design, so that the visitor can spot them in just a few seconds. Since the screen sizes on mobile devices are comparatively smaller, don’t overwhelm visitors by trying to squeeze several CTA buttons on the screen. Analyze every landing page’s target.

Would you like to get more downloads, new users, get something to buy from your site visitors, or boost your social media presence? Your CTA needs to concentrate on your key objective. Concentrating on CTA buttons will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Compress CSS and Images

You still want your website to load quickly when we talk about page loading time. When it comes to smartphones, this speed is even more important. Compress everything that uses lots of space and slows down the loading time to make your website mobile-friendly. This involves everything from high-resolution photographs to CSS. Compressing them means that they load fast without any negative impact on the content of what website users see.

Use Large Font Sizes

If the font is smaller, reading on a small screen is that harder. On your website it’s better to use a font size of at least 14px, but try further. See how that appears to see if it could be appropriate to go bigger here.

Sticking with regular fonts is also good. Any font that might need to be downloaded by your visitor’s browser. It will slow down how long it takes to load your page. Which has a negative impact on mobile users.


You will always be behind the trend and lose lot of traffic if you don’t have a mobile friendly websites. To optimize conversions and traffic to your website, consider the ways described above to create a mobile-friendly website. And if you’re not sure, by hiring a competent website designing company in Noida & Delhi, such as WebTiger, you can always rely on professionals.