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Google analytics is the most important tool which evaluates your site performance. It covers deep insights that helps to draw critical inferences about your user experience and user interface. All you need to know is how to track key insights through Google Analytics.

Below is the list of data which Google Analytics provides:

  • The source of your visitors- where they are coming from-helps when you are targeting specific audience
  • How they found your website- directly, through referral or through search engines
  • Web browser used by visitors- helps you to directly target the browser
  • Keywords used by visitors in the search engines- critical for SEO

Apart from these, Google Analytics uncovers deeper insights about your content performance. Thereby, helping you to formulate strategies more efficiently.

Data to Decisions

Google Analytics becomes valuable when it is used as a decision support tool. It is the best way to answer your questions about which strategy is working and which isn’t. Results shared by Google Analytics helps you to evolve your strategies from time to time. Just follow below steps to turn shared data into decisions:

  1. Compose an idea about site performance.
  2. Determine parameters to define your site performance.
  3. Create a report that provides required data to answer your site performance.
  4. Measure the results of your strategies as per the data.
  5. Take actions as per your measurements.

There are four important data reports shared by Google Analytics. Each report is the key to understand specific insights that impacts your site performance.

Audience Report

This is one of the most critical reports which tells who your audience is, what their interests are and how they are interacting with your content. It examines the behavior of users related by common attributes.  Through audience report, you also understand how valuable different users are to your online business, based on the lifetime performance.

You can determine the lifetime value of a user you acquired through paid campaigns. It will help you to identify a profitable allocation of your marketing budgets across channels. Lifetime value also determines the cost efficiency of each marketing channel. Audience reports lets you know the age and demography of your user, thereby helping you to specifically target a user.

Acquisition Reports

Each traffic to a website has an origin or a source. A source can be Google Search Engine, Facebook Referral, Newsletters or Direct SEO.  Google Acquisition Report determines that source. It provides a deep insight on your user’s Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion (ABC). It shows the total visits to your website, simultaneously deciphering the percentage of new visitors.

Acquisition reports also breaks down the bounce rate for each marketing channel, thereby helping you to identify how well a user from each channel is interacting with your web pages. High bounce rate suggest that users are not getting what they were looking for and are leaving without viewing more than one page.

Behavior Reports

Behavior Reports help you evaluate the actions users take on your website. It helps to improve their user experience while optimizing content which is not performing well. It visualizes the path each user takes from one web-page to another. The behavior report identifies the potential content issue as it discovers the content segment that engages users the most.

Conversion Reports

It determines whether your site is helping your online business to achieve its marketing goal. Conversion reports tells how many conversions your campaign has received for each user action. It measures the conversion rate of each goal for each source. Thereby, helping you to analyze Cost/Sale and Cost/Engagement.

There are two types of conversions:

  1. Click Conversion: Tracks all conversions assisted by clicks
  2. Impression Conversion: Tracks conversions assisted by impressions before the final click.

Conversion report is the great way to identify which keywords are helping the best to drive maximum conversions.

Tracking and measuring your Google Analytics is an ongoing process. You must visits these reports on a regular basis to ensure the best actions and strategies you are implementing for your website.