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Are you looking for an SEO Company in Noida to help you get started with an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy? You’ve arrived at the right place.

When marketers struggle to adapt to COVID-19 by decreasing outreach and lowering prices, now is the ideal time for small companies to begin implementing Search engine optimization (SEO). According to a poll of more than 500 small companies in the United States, below are the top 5 SEO tactics for businesses in 2023.

How many google search results do you typically look at before deciding which one to click on? If  You don’t click past the first page of Google search results, you’re like 75% of people.

This is why both big and small businesses compete for first-page rankings in Google search results. The higher a page’s ranking, the more likely it is that it will be opened by the right people.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a common marketing technique for improving a company’s search engine ranking. Small businesses can find it difficult to rank on the first page of Google without the help of SEO.

The Small companies, on the other hand, aren’t taking full advantage of SEO’s usability and cost-effectiveness.

Just 30% of 501 small companies in the United States have an SEO strategy in mind to boost their website’s organic rankings, according to the research done.

For small companies trying to save costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, SEO is a low-cost, easy-to-implement strategy that pays off in the long run.

We’ve put together a list of the top five SEO strategies that small companies should use right now to boost their web presence and traffic at a low cost.

Why Is SEO Important?

People used to get information by reading newspapers, browsing through phone books, and going through all the other offline sources until search engines became popular.

Google alone receives over 3.5 billion requests every day and revolutionizes how individuals find the info they are looking for.

When more people use Google and other search engines to find goods and services, it’s more important than ever to rank well for relevant keywords.

People searching for “wedding clothes” on Google, for example, are most likely looking to shop for wedding invitations. If your website sells wedding clothes, ranking on the top result of Google whenever anyone types in “wedding clothes” will give you a wave of targeted leads.

This search engine traffic could bring in a lot of profit for your company.

Ranking your web pages for competitive keywords takes time and energy, but if you succeed, your website will receive significant traffic on a regular basis.

If you choose to create new web pages and practice SEO, your traffic will grow over time, allowing your business to flourish.

That is why SEO is regarded as one of the most profitable marketing strategies!

SEO services will benefit anyone from legal firms and companies to physicians and e-commerce websites. Many industries around the country profit from the SEO practice.

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Best 5 Strategies for SEO in 2023

Strategy 1: Research and Target Keywords

Keyword research helps companies in determining what searchers are searching for and optimizing their pages to show in the most relevant search results for their target audience.

Only Keyword research and marketing were used by the majority of small businesses who engage in SEO (70 percent).

The Keyword research, as per SEO firm Moz, is the method of finding and analyzing terms and phrases that people use to search for a particular result.

Identifying keywords and inserting them across your website copy is a simple way to improve your Google ranking.

Start by typing topics relevant to your company into Google if you’re a newcomer to keyword research. For example, a natural skincare firm would use terms like “skincare regimen,” “self-care,” “face,” “healthy skin,” and other similar terms.

The keyword “skincare routine” shows featured brands and long-form content that explains how to use various skincare items and resources to potential customers.

Keyword research allows you to see the terms your rivals are ranking with. This will assist you in optimizing your keyword search.

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Strategy 2: Optimize Your Website to Rank Higher in Local Search

The results of a Google search engine vary depending on where you are. Small companies, such as cafés, hotels, photographers, and independent craftsmen, would benefit even more from local search engine results pages.

Local search optimization is used by more than half of smaller companies (53 percent) that use SEO to target better ranking by area.

For ranking in local search results, Google offers specific guidelines. Google My Business, Google’s business listing tool, will help small companies boost their local rankings.

For specific keywords, Google My Business accounts surface next to search results.

Google offers detailed instructions about how to boost local search rankings for Google My Business, including:

  • Making sure your business’s data is complete
  • Verifying your location
  • Managing and responding to Google reviews

Google uses relevance, location, and popularity to evaluate a company’s local ranking. More typical SEO factors such as links are used by Google to determine a company’s “prominence.”

By maintaining an up-to-date Google My Business profile, small businesses will display their usefulness and accessibility to a location.

Small companies would be able to reach out to customers in their nearby surroundings if they rank high in local search results.

We, the best SEO company in Noida can help you build your SEO strategy and improve your website traffic and help you rank higher in your local search results.

Strategy 3: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Websites that are well-built and offer relevant information easily are appreciated by both searchers and Google. Smaller companies should invest in high, fast, and mobile-responsive websites.

In July of this year, Google started indexing mobile-first. This means that Google’s search engine “crawlers,” or bots that analyze website code to decide SEO quality, will now prioritize websites that run on mobile devices.

As a result, it’s no wonder that the majority of small businesses that use SEO (51%) invested in mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile devices account for more than half of all Google search traffic. Many users visiting mobile phones have a great experience because small companies have mobile-friendly websites.

Thankfully for small companies, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool makes it simple to see if a website is mobile-friendly.

Rather than attempting to design a website from the scratch, small companies should invest in website designers to develop their websites.

To optimize conversions and traffic to your website, consider the things mentioned above and create a mobile-friendly website. And if you’re not sure, by hiring an SEO company in Noida, such as WebTiger, you can always rely on professionals.

Strategy 4: Create High-Quality Content

The information on a company “About Us” and “Home” pages goes beyond text. To boost the SEO, small companies can produce high-quality, valuable content for their customers.

To help their SEO strategy, almost half of the small companies (45%) produce high-quality content.

The definition of “high-quality” and “useful” content is determined by a company’s market and target audience. Long-form written content isn’t the only choice for small companies.

Check out the SERPs for the keywords you’re targeting while thinking up content concepts. The kinds of content that appear in the results pages reveal what your target audience is looking for.

Small companies should use their company pages to address audience concerns and offer answers to frequently asked questions if they’re looking for great content.

Consider taking help from us, a well-reputable SEO company in Noida and we’ll help you build high-quality content from your website and increase your traffic with our best SEO services in Noida.

Strategy 5: Build a Backlink Profile

A key tenet of successful SEO is earning backlinks to a website. Effective link-building techniques, on the other hand, necessitate a considerable time and staff investment.

Just 24% of small companies devote time to constructing high-quality backlinks to their websites.

Links back to a website are regarded by search engines as an endorsement of the website’s content. Search engines will use more “votes” to test your website if you have more links.

Earning links, on the other hand, can be difficult for companies with limited finances in the present climate. The following are some examples of traditional link-building techniques:

  • Guest blogging or guest posting
  • Businesses that link to competitors are building broken links.
  • Answering questions on Help a Reporter
  • Conducting outreach to journalists to earn coverage


Small companies need cost-effective and free methods of increasing their online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy for driving traffic to a company’s website.

Small companies should begin spending time on SEO by studying keywords that are relevant to their products and services. The keywords will then be included in the related website content.

Small companies can also optimize their Google My Business profile to ensure that they are targeting local searchers. This is a quick and simple way to get a high ranking on local search engine results pages.

Small businesses can boost their SEO by optimizing their websites for smartphones. Companies can build trust with Google and their audience by producing high-quality content.

The Small companies are facing an unpredictable time. SEO is a low-cost, long-term marketing approach that will support companies for several years.

We at WebTiger, a leading SEO company in Noida love seeing our clients’ SEO strategies pay off. Contact us and learn more about the SEO services in Noida we have