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WebTiger Technologies is one of Noida’s prominent software businesses. We are a leading ERP software development firm in Noida. We are a bespoke software supplier firm for small manufacturing businesses, in addition to erp software creation and deployment. Our main goal is to give superior enterprise solutions at a fair cost to small, medium, and big businesses.

WebTiger Technologies is a finest ERP software for manufacturing sectors that is based on ISO principles and meets all compliance requirements. As a result, it automates your company processes in a more methodical manner and assists businesses in meeting different levels of quality standards.

It’s a full-featured company management system that’s simple to set up, use, and maintain. Our MIS reporting system is well-liked since it generates a variety of reports that make it easier to run your firm.

We are a leading ERP service provider in Noida, offering completely customised ERP software.

Modules that we provide

  • Modules for Sales and Marketing

WebTiger Technologies’ sales and marketing modules are designed to manage sales order processing systems, control daily activities such as customer inquiries, manage quotations, revisions, orders, bill of quantity (BOQ), manage contacts, and assist in maintaining competitive pricing scales, among other things. 

  • Modules for Inventory/Materials Management

Our inventory management solutions monitor things across the supply chain or only the section a firm handles. Supply chain management includes all phases of the supply chain from material requisitions through product reception.

  • Modules of the Purchase Management System

Invoices, purchase orders, receiving products, making payments, and returning defective goods utilising financial instruments are all handled by WebTiger Technologies’ best-in-class platform. Order information is generated, monitored, and stored, guaranteeing that each purchase order is lawful and allowed.

  • Modules for Quality Control

In-depth quality control module by WebTiger Technologies. We provide a real-time process capability index for simple evaluation. WebTiger Technologies’ quality control capabilities are flexible, helping you with everything from receiving raw materials to evaluating finished goods before exporting.

  • Modules for HR and Payroll Management

WebTiger Technologies HR & Payroll management stores all of an employee’s information and records related to their appointment, salary, and benefits. It also generates pay stubs, calculates all allowances and deductions, manages salary adjustments, bonus, and arrears, calculates and records overtime, manages ESI, provident funds, and gratuity, and generates MIS reports.

  • Modules on Accounting and Finance

It is easy to use and helps the finance department monitor and regulate the whole corporate activities that create profitability, liquidity, and stability. The accounting module is designed to automate typical accounting operations for SMBs and large organisations with more complex activities.

  • Modules for Gate Entry

It allows you to regulate and monitor material flow at your organization’s entry. Prevent theft and illegal carry by blocking gate entry. It also improves organisational discipline. Organisations transport a lot of stuff every day.

  • Modules for Service Management

Through the planning, monitoring, and analysis of all individual operations, the Webtiger Technologies module helps you to improve your service processes. It receives extensive assistance for all critical service operations like installation and commissioning, customer complaints and warranty claims, repairs and routine maintenance, and so on.

  • Modules for ERP Administrative Tools/Control Panels

This is an administrative solution for ERP Administrators that allows them to control the whole ERP function. All of the ERP system’s functionalities can be controlled from the admin panel, and various users may have varying levels of access. By login into their accounts, authorised users may handle a broad variety of operations. This admin panel may be used to give rights to each user.

  • Keep track of your inventory.

Companies in Noida face ongoing rivalry due to their proximity to the country’s capital. To keep ahead of the game, you must monitor your operations, obtain process updates on a regular basis, and manage your consumers. Stocking stocks, controlling cash flows, and maximising delivery are all musts for organisations in the ecommerce, supply chain, food and beverage, and shipping industries. 

  • ERP Software for Business Automation in the 21st Century

To survive and thrive in today’s competitive market, every firm needs a well-thought-out strategy and execution. To illustrate, consider the automobile sector and why it needs ERP software. Every year, millions of automobiles and motorcycles are built and sold in India, and the numbers are steadily increasing. Check out our ERP solution for India’s cities.

  • Remove the complication.

It’s time for businesses in Noida to use Sage Software’s ERP systems to ease their routine and difficult duties. Real-time data is easily accessible. Dashboards that are clutter-free make it easier to produce and review reports without wasting time. A unified ERP software development business in Noida can track and stock stocks as well as handle deliveries.