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Successful brand building process outshines competition and plays an important role to create your customer’s loyalty. You need to establish a strong connect with your customer in order to make your company successful. Brand building is an ongoing process which defines your company’s vision and position in the market.

A successful brand building process increases your sales and advocates your product or service. From developing your Brand Guide to creating crucial brand elements such a logo and slogan, brand building process represents your company’s true spirit.

A successful brand has to be consistent in communication and experience across

  • Environment
  • Print & packaging
  • Website & online advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Sales & customer service

Use this six simple steps on how to build a successful brand:

Step 1: Determine Target Audience

When you are building your brand, always keep in mind who you are targeting with your communication. Identify your target audience and tailor your mission to meet their requirement in the best possible manner.

Aim for a scenario where you create campaigns as per the needs of your customers. Decide what type of communication best delivers your message to the audience you are targeting. Don’t forget to filter your audience on the basis of their demography, age, interest and behavior. It will help you to target niche into the segment.

Step 2: Define Brand Mission

Define the values you want to incorporate with your audience base. Your vision and mission statement basically depicts the purpose of your existence. It will guide your brand building process across channels. You need to present an authentic image of what your company strives for.

You need to articulate your company’s mission across channels so that it sets path of your communication. Everything from logo to your tagline, your communication should reflect your mission. Always ask yourself:

  • Why have you started your business?
  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your target audience?

Step 3: Research Competition

Analyze your competition and find out what they are offering to their customers. Think why your business is different from your competitors. Your branding should focus on that difference and should revolve around what makes your product better than the rest.

If you find that your market is filled with a vast number of competitors, then you can try tweaking your branding process with an exclusive communication strategy. Always remember to:

  • Be aware about what your competitors are doing
  • Research about their USPs
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Convince your customers what makes you the best

Step 4: Create Value Propositions

Always focus on what makes your brand unique and valuable. Find your value propositions that sets your business apart from your competition. Today, customers are interacting with many brands, therefore you need to communicate that you stand out from the market.

Include your value preposition in every marketing communication you are driving across channels. It is one of the most important step to build a successful brand. For example, multiple payment solutions loaded with SSL security feature and zero set-up fee makes PayUmoney India’s best payment solutions provider.

Step 5: Determine Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines define your brand’s tonality and sets specific rules on how your business should interact with the audience. It helps you to maintain consistency across channels and makes your business more recognizable.

Develop your brand guide as it sets a definite pattern for your visual elements (logo, templates etc.) and structures your brand tone.

Step 6: Market Your Brand

Prepare a definite marketing strategy to market your brand. Apply your branding in every piece of communication, from packaging to stationary, website to marketing collateral. Display your brand in as many places as possible.

Identify new channels such as email, web and affiliates to promote your brand. Also advertise your brand in unexpected locations such as employee t-shirts, your social media pages and office goodies.

Brand building process is an ongoing process and following above steps will definitely stand you apart from your competitors. Also read our blog on, “The Importance of Brand Guidelines”.